Do You Think Be A Leader Is Easy Things ?
All Things Would Be Handle It PERFECT ...
Do You Know How I Settle It ?
I m Tired To This Everything
I Hate The Life When This All Things Disturb Me
I m Tired To Handle And Solving All Problems
However I m Strong But Also Need Rest
What I Need Now Do You Ask Me Before ?
If You Ask Me I Will Say : I Need Someplace Can Help Let Me Relax
I Need A Person Can Share Problems Wif Them And Solve
The Person Is I Need Now ...
But I Know , Thats Was No Somebody :)
My Health Is Be Change Now
What Can I Do ? Rest Early ?
A Week Will Insomnia Many Days @_@ WTH ?

长大了 , 认清事实的真伪了 。
要为自己加油 , 我是行的 ...
还有很多人等着看你笑话 , 可你记得不可以倒下 !
就算多不行也不要对任何人说 , 要为自己争取最后的胜利 。
我行 一定可以 ( ^________^ )
乐观 ? 各持所见
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